Ellec SP®

parafoudres lps france

LPS France® offers surge protectors Ellec SP® .

Ellec SP® is a wide range of protection products against overvoltage caused by lightning (surge arresters, surge protectors).

Ellec SP® meets the protection requirements :

  • of power supply networks (low voltage 230-440V), according to the classifications of the standard Type 1, Type 3, Type 3 for TNS networks, TNC, TT, mono or three phases.
  • telecommunication lines RTC, RNIS, ADSL, GSM.
  • computer networks Ethernet, POE, RS232(V24), RS422(V11), RS485.
  • industrial networks and measurement systems and data acquisition.
  • alarm systems, home automation, video surveillance and POE connections.
  • wind and photovoltaic systems.

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