Equipotentialités lps france

To prevent the risk of sparking, power surges or electrical shock, it is not enough to make a grounding.
For example, during the conduction of a thunderbolt, a pipe of a heating system can get somewhere contact (direct or indirect) with an electrical conductor, which can reveal a dangerous tension between the pipe and radiators. With potential equalization, the leakage current of a radiator will not pass into the body of one who touches it, but take the direction of the earth..

The equipotential links are made by electrical contact between all grounding elements and the masses. Even with a good grounding, there is always a risk of seeing a voltage to the conductive elements that are not part of the electrical installation.

That's why the following should be connected to the grounding of protection against lightning (not exhaustive) :

■ Accessible metal parts of the building (structural parts, roof, close to the descents lightning rods ...)
■ Mains gas and water
■ Mains central heating ...

You will find all the accessories needed for the realization of these bonds in our catalog and Grounding Accessories

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