Alert@ir®XT is an in-real-time and remote lightning strike warning system.

As there is an increasing requirement for the maintenance of protection against lightning equipments throughout the world, we have developed a system that will allow you to be informed in-real-time about the lightning events happening on an outside lightning protection whatever its type and trademark and thus to manage its maintenance.

An outside protection against lightning with a lightning rod must be checked every year and after each lightning strike to ensure its good working order. Source NFC 17-102 – September 2011 (art. 8.2). More than a normative obligation, keeping a security investment in good working order is a virtuous preventive approach.

The servicing and maintenance of your protection against lightning installation are as well necessary to the preservation of your manufacturer's and installer's warranties. To ensure a total security, you must be able to be sure of its efficiency at any time.

The Alert@ir®XT system is an exclusive solution designed and manufactured by LPS France® to meet the normative requirements, preserve your warranties and ensure your security all along the lifetime of your outside protection against lightning.

Why use the Alert@ir®XT system?

Alert@ir® XT

Fitted on a grounding conductor of a lightning protection, the Alert@ir®XT system sends an in-real-time warning by internet during a lightning strike.
If one of your installations is struck by lightning, you immediately receive a warning. The intensity level of the lightning strike is indicated on a scale from 1 to 3. It is thus possible to know which type of checking is necessary, the intervention urgency level and to organize the maintenance operation in order to preserve the protected structures.

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A continuous remote surveillance


Your products equiped with a Contact@ir®   emitter permanently communicate with your Rout@ir® Therefore, you can check your  Paraton@ir® , Compt@ir® ; or  Alert@ir®XT    equipments in-real-time at any time without travelling.


+ Standards respected
+ Warranties preserved
+ Maintenance simplified
+ Security ensured

The Alert@ir®XT system is an in-real-time information relay on the status and the history of a lightning rod installation.
According to the NFC 17-102 standard (art. 8,2) a protection against lightning installation must be checked  :

  • Periodically in order to be able to anticipate and forestall the natural wear of your  installation,
  • After each lightning strike,
  • Each time the protected structure is modified or repaired..

With Alert@ir®XT , the historization of lightning strike warnings favours the prevention of use-related dammage on the installation and you can rapidly carry out a diagnosis wherever you are.. En faisant appel à un Agent Agréé LPS France® vous êtes assurés du respect des procédures de vérification et de maintenance.

What is the Alert@ir®XT sytem ?

The system is composed of an Alert@ir®XT product and of a Contact@ir® used with Rout@ir®  receiver. The Rout@ir® product must be connected to the internet to send back the transmitted information. The solutions of connection to the network are extended at will and enable to adapt the system to any configuration (ethernet, mobile, satellite...).

The Alert@ir®XT and Contact@ir®  products are self-powered and do not need any maintenance (IP65 classification)..

The Rout@ir® product must be permanently power-supplied to send back the information transmitted by the Alert@ir®XT and Contact@ir®  pair. We offer you the choice between mains power or photovoltaïc supply for the most difficult locations.

Where and when use the Alert@ir®XT system ?

The Alert@ir®XT system can be fitted anywhere in the world, on any type of outside protection against lightning installation such as a single point lightning rod, a meshed cage, a faraday cage or an early streamer emitter lightning rod, at any time during the lifetime of a new or existing installation, modern or old, of the LPS France® brand or a competing brand, on any type of conductor, plane or round, woven or solid.

Alert@ir®XT is universal

After registration on our dedicated servers, your installation will communicate the lightning warnings in-real-time, as well as the whole of its parameters, the servicing events and checkings to be carried out.

Which information shall I obtain with the Alert@ir®XT system ?

Identification :

The serial number of the Alert@ir®XT product
The type of the Alert@ir®XT product
The serial number of the Contact@ir®
Potential notes previously entered

Diagnosis :

Quality of communication
Product integrity
Product working order.

History :

Lightning strike history
Chronology of previous diagnosis by  product,
 Diagnosis results,
 Previous users' comments.


All informations continuously collected are automatically transmitted to the server, dated, recorded and chronologically classified.
This information is necessary to draw up  documents relative to the carrying out, the checking and the maintenance of your installation. Those documents are imposed by the NFC 17-102 standard (art. 8.1 to 8.7).

What do I do if I receive a lightning strike warning ?

The NFC 17-102 standard imposes a check of your lightning protection installation each time the protected structure is struck by lightning (art. 8.2). This measure aims at ensuring the efficiency of your protection installation without any interruption. For this reason, simply receiving a lightning strike warning must leads you to check the integrity and the good working order of your product on the server.:

The Alert@ir®XT system also enables you to know the intensity of the lightning strike picked up by your product on a scale from 1 to 3. This feature, as the whole of Contact@ir® system, is a LPS France®  exclusive.

The intensity of the lightning strike picked up by your product and the result of its diagnosis assist in determining whether a visual or a complete check of the installation is necessary (cf. NFC 17-102 standard, art. 8.2 to 8.6), as well as the urgency level of the action to be taken.

In order to read those datas correctly, we advise to call on a LPS France® licensed agent who will know which are the essential  preventive measures to take for your protection and the preservation of your warranties.

Thanks to Rout@ir® you save time and avoid useless expenditure while ensuring the efficiency of your installation with targeted actions.

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