Système Contact@ir®

Wireless communication solution

Contact@ir Ready®

A Contact@ir® emitter can be optionally fitted on each  Contact@ir® Ready product (Paraton@ir® range and Compt@ir® lightning strike counters). 

Then the Contact@ir®  emitter permanently communicates the operating status of the Contact@ir® Ready  aproduct as well as its communication liability. The communication is ensured by radio, without any physical link.

If used with the Rout@ir® option, it transmits an in-real-timewarning when a lightning strike is picked up by the  Contact@ir® Ready product and records it.

Efficient, reliable and easy-to-use,  Contact@ir® system facilitates the control and maintenance of your lightning protection installation.

Contact@ir®  system favours lightning risk prevention.



Contact@ir®  emitter can be fitted on the Contact@ir® Ready  product during the  assembly or at any time during the lifetime of the installation. This operation is simple, rapid, easy and has no effect on the protection efficiency. For a perfect aesthetic, Paraton@ir® and Contact@ir® are available in eight colors. 



An outside protection against lightning with a lightning rod must be checked every year and after each lightning strike to ensure its good working order. Source NFC 17-102 – September 2011.

The emitter Contact@ir®

Contact@ir Ready®



Contact@ir® emitter is supplied by a photovoltaic cell that ensures its autonomy.

The technology of this cell enables to get the system charged even in case of low luminosity and to ensure a 24-hour communication.

Communication is possible with a broadcast range from 30 up to 300m depending on the receiver, its position and environment.

Once the Contact@ir® Ready  product (Paraton@ir® or Compt@ir® ) installed with its emitter plugged in, the product and its emitter must be registered on the server





Reception of information

The content of the information you receive and the type of receipt (local or remote) depend on the choice of receiver.

There is two existing receivers : Dongl@ir® et Rout@ir®.

Réception des informations contacair lps france 

1.  Dongl@ir® = Local reception :



2.  Rout@ir® = Remote reception :



Reception : For a local reception, an on-site trip is neccessary to collect the datas, Rout@ir enables a remote reception and consultation of datas thanks to an internet connection.

Identification : Shows the serial number, the type and the colour of the lightning rod or the serial number of the lightning strike counter, as well as the serial number of the emitter and potential datas entered by the user about the identified two linked products.

Diagnosis : Indicates whether the Contact@ir® Ready product and the identified emitter are in good working order or not.

Lightning warning : Records the lightning strikes received by the identified Contact@ir® Ready  product, creates a user accessible history, and sends him an in-real-time warning email.

Contact@ir® + Dongl@ir®

Contact@ir® + Dongl@ir®

Contact@ir® + Rout@ir®

Contact@ir® + Rout@ir®

An outside protection against lightning with a lightning rod must be checked every year and after each lightning strike to ensure its good working order. Source NFC 17-102 – September 2011, (art. 8.2).

Maintenance and servicing of your lightning protection installation are also necessary to preserve your manufacturer's and installer's warranties.

To ensure a total security, you must be certain of its efficiency at any time.

Contact@ir® system is an exclusive solution proposed by LPS France® meet normative requirements, preserve your warranties and ensure your security throughout the lifetime of your lightning protection installation.

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