Contact@ir® + Dongl@ir®

Contact@ir® + Dongl@ir®

An outside protection against lightning with a lightning rod must be checked every year and after each lightning strike to ensure its good working order. Source NFC 17-102 – September 2011, (art. 8.2).

Maintenance and servicing of your lightning protection installation are also necessary to preserve your manufacturer's and installer's warranties.

Contact@ir® system is an exclusive solution proposed by LPS France® to meet normative requirements, preserve your warranties and ensure your security throughout the lifetime of your lightning protection installation.

Why use Dongl@ir® ?

Pourquoi utiliser Dongl@ir

Contact@ir® system, if used with Dongl@ir® receiver, enables you to check the good working order of your product.

The transmission of datas occurs by radio waves, without any physical link between the Contact@ir®  emitter and the Dongl@ir® receiver.

In this way, Dongl@ir® facilitates and makes safer the diagnosis of a product often difficult to access, the intervening person not being constained any more to get into a risky situation to reach it.

Dongl@ir® is a specific mean of diagnosis. It has to be used nearby the product (80 meters maximum).

Within a few seconds, your product is identified and the result of its diagnosis appears on your sceen. You then immediately know if an intervention is necessary on your installation or not.

What are the necessary equipments ?

The Contact@ir®  emitter has to be connected to the Contact@ir® Ready product the diagnosis.

matériels nécessaires Contact@ir® + Dongl@ir®


The Contact@ir® emitter can be fitted on the Contact@ir® Ready  product during the assembly or at any timeduring the life time of the installation.

Dongl@ir® is provided in the form of an USB key and is plugged :

matériels nécessaires contact@ir dongl@ir

- In your pad or Androïd mobile with a microUSB adapter. In that case, the information will be read on the application Contact@ir® App

- In one of your PC or MAC USB port.In that case, the information will be read on software Contact@ir® Soft .

A single Dongl@ir® enables to carry out the dentification and the diagnosis of all the Contact@ir® Ready  products the rights of which you hold.


When carry out a diagnosis with Dongl@ir® ?

 Quand réaliser un diagnostic Dongl@ir®

With Dongl@ir®, you can carry out a diagnosis when you are located near your installation to check its reliability.

The circumstances requiring the checking of your lightning protection installation are listed in the NFC 17-102 standard text in the article 8.2 :

- Periodically in order to be able to anticipate and forestall the natural wear of your installation,

- After a thunderstorm or any other climatic phenomenon potentially harmful for your lightning protection installation,

- Each time the protected structure is modified or repaired.

Which information shall I obtain with Dongl@ir® ?

informations contactair

Whether you use Contact@ir® Soft  or Contact@ir® App  you will obtain the following information :

Identification :

- The Compt@ir® or Paraton@ir®  serial number,
- The type and colour of the Paraton@ir®,
- The emitter serial number,
- Potential notes previously entered.

Diagnosis :

- Quality of communication,
- Product integrity,
- Product working order.

History :

- Chronology of previous diagnosis by product,
- Diagnosis results,
- Previous users' comments.

All information collected during the diagnostics are automatically dated, recorded and chronologically classified. This information is necessary to draw up  documents relative to the carrying out, the checking and the maintenance of your installation.

Those documents are imposed by the NFC 17-102 standard (art. 8.1 to 8.7).

What do I do if the diagnosis reveals a critical information ?

In this case, it is imperative that a complete check of your installation should be carried out.

The complete checking procedure can be found in the NFC 17-102 standard (art. 8.5 and 8.6) and is resumed in the FT-LPSFR-11 specification sheet.

This check is a prerequisite to the preservation of your warranties.

By calling upon a LPS France® licensed agent, you are sure that the checking procedure is respected and that the appropriate measures are taken.

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