Standards of protection against lightning

normes de protection lps france

Reference standards used by us

Lightning Protection Standards Direct

Country Standards used
argentine Argentina
IRAM 2426
espagne Spain
UNE 21186
france France
NF C 17-102
Macédoine Macedonia
MKS N.B4 810
Portugal Portugal
NP 4426
Roumanie Roumania
Slovaquie Slovakia
STN 34 1391
RF Yougoslavie Yougoslavie
JUS N.B4.810

NFC 17-102
(September 2011) Protection against lightning
Protection system against lightning with lightning conductor triggering device.

UTE C 17-106
Guide - lightning counters

UTE C 17-100-2
Protection against lightning
Part 2: Risk Assessment (correspondence: EN 62305-2).

NF EN 50164-1
Components Protection against Lightning
Part 1: Requirements for connection components.

NF EN 50164-2
Components Protection against Lightning
Part 2: Requirements for conductors and earth electrodes.

NF EN 50164-3
Components Protection against Lightning
Part 3: requirements for spark gaps.

NF EN 62305-3
Protection against lightning
Part 3: Physical damage to structures and life hazard.

Indirect Lightning Protection Standard (Low Voltage Protection by lightning arrester)

IEC 62305-4
Protection against lightning
Part 4: Power Networks and communication structures

IEC EN 61643
Low voltage arresters
Part 11: arresters connected to low voltage distribution systems - Requirements and tests.
Part 12: Principles of selection and application
Part 22: Principles of selection and application.

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