Human dimension inhabited by strong values of commitment, society LPS France® support associations that are very important to us internationally as locally.

For example, LPS France® support the daily activities of Toutatis French association that is dedicated to the information and training of the population to the dangers of lightning.

Non-profit, this association occurs in the invitational conferences and fairs.

The target populations are those who do not have easy access to information and training in general, so rather located in emerging or developing.

The topics and subjects are developed:

• The study local impacts,

• Prevention against risks due to lightning,

• The securing of individuals,

• The emergency procedures after a lightning strike or electric shock,

• Preservation of habitats,

• Saving of resources (livestock, crops ...)

LPS France®  et le groupe Cemaso participate in the work of the association through financial and / or material for each intervention trainers volunteers.

Discover Toutatis Association on their website: www.asso-toutatis.fr

Involved in local life, society LPS France® is a partner of several schools of local sports clubs equipping hardware structures for learning and education of children through sport.

If you think we might be interested in a project deserving and study partner, please contact us using our contact form.

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