Our commitments

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The satisfaction of our customers and our partners, innovation and continuous improvement are anchored to the heart of our corporate culture.

The involvement, expertise and skills of our employees are the foundation of our operation and contribute to our success.

 Our priorities are :

  • Customers : permanently satisfy our customers.
  • Partners : develop and sustain profitable partnerships.
  • Contributors : involve and motivate employees.
  • Shareholders : develop a sustainable economic performance.
  • Environment : control impacts associated with our business.


To implement this policy and ensure the performance of our management system, we are committed to :

• define and deploy targets in line with our strategic priorities and our policy,

• implement an organization and resources contributing to the efficiency and performance of business processes,

• Develop the day before and the needs,

• comply with legal, regulatory and other requirements,

• deploy a continuous improvement process by measuring and analyzing our performance,

• involve, inform and train our employees and our partners,

• identify impacts and risks related to our activities in the areas of health, safety and the environment,

• take action for prevention and risk management and impacts: pollution prevention, control of energy consumption, prevention of health harm and safety,

• communicate internally and externally on our commitments and performance,

• respond to any query.

Our main commitment, safety lightning.

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