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Lightning Protection Systems France® concerned about the quality of its product lines and services wishes to strengthen its authorized distributors network of partners.

Distributors and authorized partners are ideally specialized companies in the field of protection against lightning and experienced companies specializing in the building industry and / or electricity and can offer the sale and / or installation and / or maintenance of our equipment.

Our distributors and certified partners are selected on the basis of specific criteria (experience, technical expertise, human resources, etc ...).

Become a Certified Partner Lightning Protection Systems France® this is:

  • be referenced as authorized partner by  LPS France®
  • benefit of exclusive products consolidating customer relationship (Contact@ir® eg.)
  • benefit from preferential rates and exclusive promotions
  • receive technical and commercial support exclusive LPS France®
  • benefit of communication media LPS France®
  • bbenefit from a responsive logistics and preferential shipping rates
  • benefit from the brand image  LPS France®
  • benefit from the scale and experience of an international network

Lightning Protection Systems France® offers a specially dedicated Extranet, you will find:

  • Catalogs of products and accessories
  • Detailed technical information about our products
  • Exclusive technical guides and tutorials
  • Marketing tools
  • The information related to the commercial positioning of our products
  • Ease via our contact form dedicated

Want to become a trusted partner LPS France®

Contact us and we will study together this opportunity.

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