Indirect lightning strike

Indirect lightning strike

The resulting indirect lightning strike is called direct lightning strike whose flow is not controlled.While lightning current, the path would not be well channeled, can borrow any totally random way to reach the earth in its path generating potential arcing (sparking).

Surge (induced effects) appear between arrival outside power lines and the equipotential system of land structure. These surges "penetrate" inwardly of the propagation structure (along the lines). Arresters called material used and placed on the grid for this protection..


What are the consequences of an indirect lightning strike ?


The surge phenomenon comes from direct contact with a conductive lightning.
The overvoltage spreads along the conductor and network expansion.
An electrical network or communication may contain the devastating power of Thunderbolt.


The surge phenomenon comes from the electromagnetic field radiated by the thunderbolt.
Cables, conduits, antennas and all metal masses are likely to become conductors in a perimeter proportional to the power and speed of change of the lightning strike


The surge phenomenon comes from electronic effects of direct lightning strike or dissipation of the lightning current discharged through the land of lightning to earth of the installation.
The lightning current is likely to "turn back" the network by the land.

The surge phenomenon comes from the dispersion of current in the ground causing destructive potential differences between the masses of equipment and networks they are connected .

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