The lightning strike counter Compt@ir® consists of a 6 digits display. Each lightning strike is recorded when it comes through by incrementing one unit (the rightmost number).

Watertight (IP65), robust and reliable, it operates without any power supply and records positive or negative lightning strikes.

The lightning strike counter displays the total number of lightning strikes having struck the Outside Protection against Lightning Installation (OPLI).

It is necesary to regularly watch over the display for a good follow-up of the installation. The lightning strike counter is essential for the good maintenance of the OPLI (cf. NFC 17-102 : a checking shall be done after each lightning strike).

This regular monitoring doesn't require a travel with Contact@ir® + Rout@ir® option. On top of that, you will be warned in real time in case of lightning strike event.).

It can be set up and works on any type of existing downward conductor (flat, round, …) thanks to its universal fastenings. Compt@ir® lightning strike counters are compliant with the standards in force (NFC 17-102, NF EN 50164-6).

Installation Compt@ir®

installation compt@ir lsp france

• 22041 : Downward conductor

• 43603 : Lightning strike counter

• 43604 : Control seal

• 43605 : Protective sleeven


“If the intallation is equipped with a lightning strike counter, it is appropriate for the latter to be installed on the most direct downward conductor and to be preferably located right above the control seal.”
NFC 17-102 – September 2011, (art. 5.3.8).

DimensionsCompt@ir® Lightning Protection Systems France

Height : 14.50 cm
Width : 5.50 cm
Depth : 5.50 cm
Weight : 0.285 kg


Remote communication option


An outside protection against lightning with a lightning rod must be checked every year and after each lightning strike to ensure its good working order. Source NFC 17-102 – September 2011.

Compt@ir® solightning strike counters are supplied as standard with a plug to connect the Contact@ir®  system.

A Contact@ir® emitter can be optionnally fitted on eache Compt@ir®  lightning strike counter.

Then the Contact@ir® emitter permanently communicates the Compt@ir® lightning strike counter operating status as well as its communication reliability. This communication occurs without any physical link.

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Servicing and maintenance of your installation

If used with then Rout@ir® option, when lightning strikes the installation, Compt@ir® records and transmits the event by sending an email warning.

Once the lightning strike detected, a normative check will have to be performedin accordance with the articles 8.2 to 8.5 of the NFC 17-102 standard.

This check aims at ensuring the good order of the lightning protection installation and doing the necessary repairs of the installation.

Thanks to Compt@ir® and to the “lightning strike” warning, the lightning protectioninstallation is being permanently watched over.

Whatever your installation

A lightning protection has got an important service life. This, any installation requires a follow-up,checkings and regular maintenance to ensure its efficiency.

Contact@ir®  system is a LPS France®  exclusive.

If used with the Rout@ir® option, it enables you :

  • To make a remote diagnosis of your installation at any time,

  • To receive an in-real-time warning when your installation is thunderstruck,

  • To know what was the intensity of the lightning strike, and this know what type of check of your installation has to be done if need be.

The lightning strike counter Compt@ir® is universal and can easely be added to your lightning protection installation, whatever its type, its trademark and its age.

Once associated with a Rout@ir®, it enables you to benefit from the Contact@ir® system advantages without modifying your installation..

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