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Lightning Protection Systems France® designs, manufactures and implements protection systems against lightning to protect structures and their networks installations (electricity, communication).


The company's philosophy LPS France®  is simple: devote our human skills and our technological resources to create products and quality services to ensure the protection against lightning of people and goods around the world.Day after day, our staff puts this philosophy into practice. Our motto is:

French Quality - World Wide Efficiency


After more than 10 years of management experience in a company specializing in protection against lightning in France Bertrand MONGES decides to take a new momentum and created the CEMASO GROUP SAS in March 2010 to assemble multiple complementary activities (production, marketing, sourcing, logistics ...) and respond to a specific and growing demand internationally, reliable solutions protections against lightning (lightning rods and surge arresters).

Engineer, passionate by lightning phenomenon Bertrand MONGES invented and developed in 2011, an innovative lightning rod Early Streamer Emitter device, efficient and durable as well as a specific and original diagnostic protocol, and alert in real time with internet connection.

Made up of a young and dynamic team, Lightning Protection Systems France® home the activities of design, manufacture, marketing and distribution of prevention and protection against lightning solutions devices benefiting from the experience and expertise of a team of high level specialists.

Lightning Protection Systems France®

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LPS France®  is located in the outskirts of the city of Bordeaux in south-west France.

This area is famous worldwide for its fine wines.  LPS France® is built on strong values like soil, humans, work, time, quality, research and innovation, international, respect of the environment ... The southwest of the France is also known for its infrastructure and human skills for the study, design and manufacture of technology products with high added values.

The presence of high-tech laboratories and exclusive means of illustrious scholars and influential international companies allows us to rely on a multitude of talents and high-quality skills.

Lightning rod Early Streamer Emitter device, lightning strike counter, remote diagnostics systems of web-impact real-time lightning alerts, drivers and made specific land line arresters, our engineering allows us to offer protections against lightning innovative, sustainable and clean, communicating and above all always more effective.

Our workshops are located in France in order to control at all times our quality products. For the safety of our customers, we're committed "designed in France & assembled in France" for our technical products requiring a knowledge and impeccable quality.

Through a worldwide network of authorized exclusive distributorss, Lightning Protection Systems France® is able to provide its customers technical and sales support locally and rapid responses, while having perfect knowledge of the requirements, local regulations and practices. You can treat your own language, and time that suits you, in your time zone with a professional team specialized and trained.

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