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LPS France®  designs, manufactures and implements protection systems against lightning for all your projects.

  • Research and development

    Research and development LPS France® devotes a significant portion of its investment budgets in research and development of innovative solutions
  • Study

    Study LPS France® offers its expertise and recommendation services to best meet your needs for protection against lightning while preserving
  • Design

    Design LPS France® develops the most advanced systems for protection against lightning to your site or more generally to meet
  • Manufacturing

    Manufacturing LPS France® manufactures a wide range of products for protection against lightning. Our quality and traceability are well controlled
  • Logistics

    Logistics LPS France® has set up a large stock, logistic solutions and effective partnerships with carriers to enable you to
  • Implementation

    Mise en oeuvre LPS France® and its field partners, trained and experienced, advise you and accompany you to the best
  • Training

    Training LPS France® is part of a qualitative approach around its products and its business. Technical or skills training programs
  • Maintenance

    Maintenance   External protection against lightning must be verified by lightning each year and after each lightning strike to ensure

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