Buy a lightning rod

acheter un paratonnerre lps france

Buying a lightning rod must be made after a technical and economic study of the project Protection against lightning.

Buy a lightning rod is an operation that requires a thorough reflection on several ideas bases which are summarized in Why, What, How, Who? How to know ?

Why protect ?

What is the reason of your need to install a protection against lightning (voluntary, forced by legislation ...).

What protect ?

Starting from the reason, we deduce an interest report / threat of new structured and / or property to protect.

How to protect ?

The choice of the necessary permits confirmation of adequate protective methods (ESE lightning conductor device, lightning single point, meshed cage, Faraday cage, grounding ...) in respect of texts and standards.

Which provides protection ?

When protection is determined, must confirm the speaker Implementation (LPS France®  authorized installer or another player.

How much is a lightning rod ?

After these steps of careful and detailed studies, we can send you a quotation taking into account the result of the forethought necessary but also accessories, remote diagnostics tools, transportation costs etc ...

We invite you to use the resources made available by our organization in order to obtain as quickly study your need and tariff assessment of your paratonne.


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