Presentation LPS France


Welcome to our new website

I am very pleased to welcome you on our new website.

You will understand quickly, it is not a simple revision site. We simply changed everything.

More modern, more accessible on all screens, most documented, we offer a totally new navigation experience. We wanted an almost universal site, understandable by all. We provide this site with a tool for automatic translations. This tool is the most efficient now. This tool is not perfect. We apologize us problems you will encounter during your first navigation. Do not hesitate to refresh a page that is not translated. And please tell us translation errors. We will achieve the changes as quickly as possible.

But that's not all. We will offer you innovative solutions unmatched.

Today, many people talk about 3 ° industrial revolution with the advent of the Internet. Few people act. I believe it is time to act. I propose you to dive with us in the internet revolution. Enter a new era of protection against lightning.

I am extremely proud to present our new range of protection products against lightning. Totally effective supra-reliable, ultra-innovative and hyper-communicators, our products hoist the requirements of safety lightning unparalleled heights. We have no competition at our level.

In addition, we offer a new collateral policy with the proposal for a lifetime warranty of our products. Many new features are already available and others will be soon. Feel free to follow us on our social networks regularly.

The whole team LPS France® and myself, we wish you a great discovery, and stayto listen.



Bertrand MONGES


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